WBC096 Simple Christmas Tree – Wood Print Block

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Hand Carved in India

Create your own fabric or decorative paper using wax, dye, or paint.  These wood printing blocks are carved from hard wood and soaked in olive oil which makes them durable ensuring clear crisp prints.

These blocks also look beautiful sitting on a shelf for decoration.


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These blocks are all HAND carved.
Since they are hand carved, no 2 are exactly alike.  There are going to be variances in sizes and wood.  They try to get as close to the measurements that I send as possible when I order them.  The blocks that I sell are the same ones that I demo with and sell at the shows.  The demo blocks do go back into the stock to be sold.  There is no difference in the blocks with the occasional exception in the type of wood that is sometimes used.  They are hand carved and the carpenter (there are 40 families that our project supports) uses what ever locally available sustainable hard wood to that particular carpenter.  Most of it is shesham but may sometimes vary. 


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